New building project Chesa Julier Palace Silvaplana

The shell is complete. Now it's time for the next step!
In your new home. In a new village. First thing’s first, the shell is finished and your dream home is taking shape. Take in the feel, the view and the light! Next, traffic will start to bypass Silvaplana from June 2018 and the village will spring to life. The centre of the village is not the only thing being redesigned. The nationality clause is outdated and removing it makes purchasing a second home without a Swiss passport a reality.

Key information:
- Visit the site now
- Chesa Julier Palace scheduled for completion in Autumn 2018
- The nationality clause does not apply to Silvaplana.
- Second homes are also available to international buyers.
- Bypass scheduled for completion in June 2018.
- Silvaplana will be redesigning the village centre until the start of the 2018 winter season.

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